World Wide Reach
World Wide Reach

The facts about Skytyping

Each Skytyping message you see is 5 miles Long

Each Skytyping Character is as tall as the Empire State Building

Each Skytyping message includes up to 25 characters

Each Skytyping message is completed in 2.5 minutes

Each Skytyping message last approx. 5-7 minutes or longer in the sky

Each Skytyping message is visible up to a 15 radius miles

Each Skytyping message can receive up to 2.5 million impressions

Your Skytyping Campaign includes:

5 Aircraft, 5 pilots and 1 computer operator and 1 Media Chase aircraft
(upon request)

Green Skytyping Advertising - 100% biodegradable too!

100% exclusivity available in your market

Advertising Opportunities

Blow your competition away!
Where your ads are the BIGGEST!

This form of advertising is unique and one of a kind. Offering you the largest outdoor advertising that exist in the world. Our Skywriters consist of 2 fleets that perform this unique form of skywriting that is refer to as skytyping. Completed computer generated, each character is produced in less than 4 seconds with 5 aircraft that fly in formation and is 5 miles long.

The Skywriters USA Flag The Skywriters San Diego Harley